Paratodo x Le Bouchon x Camuna Cellars

We want wine to feel like a space for everyone, and we understand that it doesn’t always feel like that’s the case. We want this space to feel enticing, more than serious. Warming, more than alienating. Open, more than exclusive. And it doesn’t have to be with a the fancy bottle you’ve been saving for ages. It can be about table wine - every day drinking wine - sometimes used to welcome, sometimes used to complement a meal, and sometimes to share in a moment of “you’re here, and I’m here, let’s open this bottle”. When we think about how we want wine to feel, we like to picture a big, round table, always with room for one more chair.


Because it’s never really been about what’s in the bottle - although, we think you’ll be happy with what’s in this one. It’s about who you can’t wait to open that bottle with. About whose you clink your glass against. 


Thank you for pulling up a chair with us. Thank you for scooting it over to make room for one more. On behalf of Le Bouchon Imports, Camuna Cellars, and Paratodo, thank you for sharing a seat at our table. Your support of this bottle has benefited the Philadelphia Orchard Project, to support community orchards in Philadelphia.”