Perfect Day

A day at the beach: very seldom do we get to mix business and pleasure, but when we do, there's always something to remember about it. Compound that with friends helping you "work," it's barely ever a chore or task that needs to be executed and more like a celebration.

Not to get all sentimental, but after doing Paratodo alone for years, building up this shield through micromanaging every detail on shoots, designs, and other facets of running a small business, it's liberating to just trust my friends in their various expertises to help bring some of these ideas to life. That relief turns into excitement when they go above and beyond what you expected!


After a full day of shooting, skimboarding, and listening to Jimmy Buffet (R.I.P. king), we captured some of my favorite lookbook and BTS stills to-date, all while getting to enjoy a rare, premature beach day in mid-April amongst great company. So THANK YOU, Pat (photographer), Maddy (BTS Photographer), Aidan (Stylist), Zach (Assistant Stylist), Ethan (Set and Collage Designer), and Anielle (Set) for making this the most fun "work" day in the history of Paratodo :)