We’re happy to announce that we will be working with Juntos for the Fall/Winter 2020 season! Juntos is an organization created to serve the immigrant community and protect their human rights. They do everything from hosting food drives for families affected by the pandemic to educating the community on their rights in order to be equipped when approached by ICE. Through this project, we supported the collective voice of the immigrant community in Philadelphia and protecting their human rights.

This season was special to me because the majority of us at Paratodo come from families of immigrants. Whether we're first generation or second generation, we understand the struggles our families had to deal with when coming here to America, let alone the difficulties they would have to face once they arrived. When Juntos offered for us to stop by during their food drives and municipal ID processing sessions, it was an opportunity we needed to experience. Juntos orchestrated ways to aid the communities in their network when the people weren't able to seek help through the government. Subsequently, they organized ways for people in the community to get identification to become applicable for jobs and government assistance. 

Fabrics and textures was a huge emphasis on all of the pieces we went with for this season. Introducing the London '68 Jacket with this in mind was what lead us to be featured in GQ, hitting a much lauded goal of mine for the company. In addition to achieving that goal, we unveiled our most intricate piece to date, the Best Vest, which has become a favorite of so many of our fans ever since.