Keeping our communities healthy has been a priority of ours since the beginning, so we were excited to have the opportunity to work with Everybody Eats in SS22. 25% of our profits were allocated to help provide food to those who are food insecure here in Philly. Everybody Eats also worked to provide community fridges in some of our underserved communities. 

For this season, we saw the opportunity to experiment with some fabrics we had been enamored with for some time. Obviously, It was an array of different colors, harkening back to our roots in colorful design, but our intention for these pieces was to create additions to your wardrobe that were comfy and casual, yet semi-formal while still being fun.

On another note, we also saw the opportunity to have a lot of fun while doing the shoots with the limited areas we could do them in. It was a challenge to recreate the same spaces into different atmospheres, but it made for such better concepts in the end.

We're proud to say that we raised over $2,800 in donations to Everybody Eats in that season, and we encourage anyone interested in working with them to check out their website.