The Concept

"With roots stemming from both fashion and philanthropy, we have dedicated ourselves to making functional casual-wear for the modern adventurer, while simultaneously giving back to various humanitarian causes."

Paratodo started as a response to the lack of humanitarianism within contemporary fashion. With each purchase, 25% of the profits are donated to a specific charity that we have teamed up with that season. It is our mission to change the dynamic between designer and customer by introducing a third element, a party in need of help. Paratodo is not a charity. It is not a Streetwear brand. It is a movement to reshape the way we view our regular routines, such as buying clothes...


Earlier this year my family lost my older brother to a decades long battle with drug addiction. It’s something we all had to cope with in our own ways due to our checkered relationship with the issue. I rarely talk about it because it’s such a conflicting part of my life to sort through. However, although I hadn’t spoken with him in a while, he was a huge inspiration in my art and fashion sense, introducing me to graffiti (he’s still the best graffiti artist I’ve seen) and so many clothing brands throughout our childhood. So without him, Paratodo may not have existed.
Drug addiction isn’t something that was unique to my brother’s life; I’ve lost plenty of friends and family to it over the years. That’s what fueled the decision to work with a group that is contending with the effects of the issue. With that being said, I’m very proud to announce that our collaboration for the next year will be with @preventionpointphiladelphia! Their holistic approach towards communities affected by addiction through an array of multifaceted services is something crucial for Philadelphia. 25% of the profits from sales over the next year will be allocated to their fight to help those affected by addiction and poverty. To learn more about all of their programs, volunteering, and philosophy, you can find their site at the link


Honesty is a quality that we cherish, and we want to make this known. With our Analysis tab, we will be keeping you up to date with information about what goes on behind the scenes. Below you can find out how our costs and profits are divided, and learn more about where your donation goes once you make a purchase with us.